16. January 2019 / BY

SELFIE is an EU funded project with a specific challenge set out by EU in H2020 LC-GV-01-2018 call:

“New developments in the electronic architecture as well as in the system integration of innovative sub-systems in the vehicles are required to leverage the benefits of new functionalities for the user. The topic should contribute to face the challenge of the development of new components, systems and architectures required for the next generation of electrified vehicles that will allow to meet end-users expectations in terms of cost, convenience of long-range travel and comfort, by finding for each application the best compromise between fast charge, battery size and battery life”.

Right now, there is no electric car that can accept “ultra-fast charging” with charge rates between 150 kW and 350 kW, but several car manufacturers are working on electric cars able to accept that kind of power. SELFIE makes its biggest impact here, ensuring that the EVs, in the not so distant future, are able to accept this high charge rate (towards 5C, 140kW), and store the electric energy efficiently in their batteries with minimal losses.